SecretsThe gals on Amanda’s street team wanted to get to know her on a more personal level. The questions the ladies posed were too juicy to keep to ourselves, so we decided to share all of Amanda’s dark secrets with you…her favorite readers!!! #FreakyFriday


Q: What has inspired you to write erotic romance?

A: Sex and it’s fun!


Q: What other authors do you enjoy to read when not writing your own novels?

A: I really like reading hot, nasty, sizzling hot erotica. Not romantic erotica, just spank me, fuck me, suck me, no lovin’, just fucking erotica!! (Can I say that here?) Selena Kitt comes to mind!


Q: Have you ever considered writing a dark romance?

A: Nope! I probably wouldn’t do very well with it, because I don’t like to read it—I am way too sensitive.


Q: Are any of your scenes based on real life experiences?

A: Haha! I’ll never tell!


Q: Who are your muses?

A: Ah, the ol’ muse question…I have no idea. My kids and my honey are my inspirations.


Q: If any of your novels were adapted to film, which would be most deserving?

A: Fueled Obsession! I think it would be a great movie! Suspense, love, sex, Sports, tragedy, romance! It has every emotion you could ever want.


Q: Who would play the lead characters?

A: Mollie would be a beautiful Jennifer Lawrence. Jack??? Who else but Adam Levine?  Duh!!!


Q: What is your writing process?

A: I think of a really simple plot. Then I add characters. What they look like, how they act, where they work, play, party. I make a setting for the book. Then I go on Pinterest and look up really hot men. Well….really hot pics of Adam Levine! I find a pic I like for the MC and the Hero, and then I make up a character sheet. Then I plot scene by scene. Takes forever!

After I plot out as much as I can…I start writing. I write a scene at a time, until the book is done, then I go back and do a first edit, change what needs to be changed and send it to the editor. By the time I have a plot, I already have an idea for a title and a cover.


Q: What is the one piece of food you could NEVER give up?

A: Pizza! No…no, uhm…A big ol’ fat Cheeseburger!! Or steak and potatoes…Yummmm!! Imma Country girl at heart! And I eat like one! 😉


Q: If for some reason you could never write another story, would you feel like you accomplished everything you set out to accomplish and be happy with what you did accomplish?

A: No honey, I dream big. Real big!


Q: If you weren’t writing erotica, what genre would you write instead?

A: Romance! I am a full blown pussy when it comes to suspense or drama. I can’t do suspense! Other genres have too much suspense! Mystery, Drama, Tragedy’s, Sci-Fi. It’s all way to suspenseful! I like the HEA of romance and the scorching heat of erotica.


Q: What is the one thing in the world that matters the most to you?

A: My kids. All five of them—or was that six?


Q: Name something you do (i.e.: watch, eat, do, wear, etc) that always seems kiddish but no matter how old you are always seems like something you just can’t help but do, even if it’s in secret?

A: Shhhh….it’s a secret!