My new book is out! Calvin is one hot, sexy cowboy!

They say everything’s bigger in Texas

After a cheating wife and a failed marriage, now I can live for myself.
I walked away from that train wreck, leaving the lavish lifestyle of an
oil tycoon billionaire far behind me.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t walk away penniless… far from it, but
returning to my roots as a Texas rancher has set my country boy spirit free.
Now, an honest day’s work is done with my hands—not sitting in a boardroom.

Finally, I’m free from the havoc and pressure of city life. The high expectations
—and a treacherous woman with no scruples. I love the clean Texan air and
wide-open spaces. And although I miss the sensual touch of a good woman,
God knows I’m not looking for love anytime soon after my last encounter.

Until now…

Until Lainey blows into town and intrigue sets in for the smart, sassy city girl.
I’m playing it cool, just a regular cowboy now. But can she handle the truth
when she discovers my past?

You can take the girl out of the city, but you’ll never take the city out of this girl.
Moving from the bustling NYC streets to the backcountry ranch land of Texas
is not what I planned, or wanted… not at all.

Dirt, dust, bugs, smells—no thank you.
Until a hot hunk of a cowboy with fast, rough hands sweeps me right out of my
new boots and has me saddled up for a rough ride with him in a flash.

But it turns out that as well as those steel-blue eyes, he has hidden secrets under
that Stetson of his. He’s a whole lot more than the man I met, in more ways than one.

I just have to decide whether I can live with that.

* Saddled On The Cowboy is a standalone contemporary romance. A new adult
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