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Oceans Apart: A British Billionaire Romance

What readers are saying about Oceans Apart!

“This series sat on my shelf for quite a while before I finally cracked it open about two days ago. My first reaction as I started reading was “Why did I wait SOOO long?”, and my second reaction was “I love this story SOOO much!!”

I loved the humor in this series – the emotions, the love-making (oh yes!!), the mystery, the intrigue, all of it!!! I highly, HIGHLY recommend this series to all fans of this genre. You will laugh, you will cry, and just overall fall in love with these characters!

There were no drawbacks to the series from my perspective!! Just a great read.” 

~CD Ball, Amazon Reviewer

He’s in London…She’s in L.A.

He has an English accent to die for.

But it’s hard to hold on to love when you’re 5,000 miles apart.

I thought I had it all.
Great job, great friends and a great boyfriend.
Until I caught him with the vixen from the fifth floor!
Out for a night on the town with my BFF.
In swaggers a British tattooed billionaire.
And with an accent that curls my toes!


I’m in L.A. working on a huge construction deal.
A couple of drinks after a long day, and in she walks.
I can’t keep my eyes off her delicious curves.
Only problem is… I’m going back to my life in England in two short days.

Living in different parts of the world, and battling the distance across
the Atlantic, they’re not going to let anything come between them.

Despite everything and everyone that tries.