Bad Breed MC

Bad Breed MC

Bad Breed MC

No name could be more appropriate.

Violence has dogged me all my life.
An asshat father, a cruel foster home.
Seems I’m following the same path.
Only worse.

I lost someone, and it hurt me bad.
Drugs and street crime were all I knew.
But that all ended the day I got patched.
We owned Hardale, CA. It was our town.
Until that firefight with the Cobras.

Now, we’re laying low…or supposed to be.
But a cute waitress soon changes all that.
She’s beautiful, alluring, but I can’t get involved.
Risking my brothers is the last thing I want.

Our lives are poles apart.
But there’s something about her.
I want her in my bed.
And I’m gonna fight to get her.

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“Loved Flynn and Jo!!!! Their chemistry was off the charts. Full of drama and emotion. Can’t wait for more!!”

“I loved the entire book and enjoyed the storyline. The character’s chemistry and their story is written extremely well and you can feel the love between them. Everything about this book is totally awesome!” 

“I’m loving Amanda Heartley’s books more & more, and Flynn is no exception. I loved seeing this hard-ass biker showing his true inner self, where his past still haunts him when he goes back to the place of his youth.