Time Out

Time out

The game’s not over…yet.

As the quarterback for the college football team.
Getting down and dirty is what I do on the field…and off.
But an injury in the last game has me limping home alone.
Hitching a ride with a sassy chick on a scooter changes everything.

But my dreams are soon shattered.
My dad drops a bombshell on me,
And it explodes in my face.

Now I hurt on the inside as well as out.
Only Avery can take away my pain.
But she’s pushing me away.
Now I wonder if I’ll ever be happy again.

With or without her.

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“Avery and Craig have a beautiful, sexy relationship and then all HELL breaks loose when Thanksgiving comes around, I won’t spoil it at all but OMG what they have to go through will make you cry.”
~Christy W.

What a great holiday sports read. Craig and Avery made a perfect pair. I loved, loved their chemistry, and their sexy interaction. Craig was not just the gorgeous jock, but you fell in love with his personality and heart. These two were a winner!!! The author had a fabulous storyline, and I know everyone will enjoy this fun, flirty, and sexy read.
~Jo O.

“It is a funny, sexy romance sports story. I love the writing of Amanda Heartley. If you’ve had the pleasure of reading any of Amanda’s books you know how good she is and the chemistry of the characters she creates and the storyline is worth reading.”