Southern Heat Series

What do you do when your boyfriend has an affair…with another guy?

Fall for someone on the other side of the world, of course.
And he seems like the perfect distraction with his hot Irish brogue.
But when I cross the ocean to surprise him, it all turns to cr*p.
I'm starting to think it must be something about me.

Now I’m alone in the middle of Dublin, wondering how it all went so wrong.
All the guys I meet turn out to be douchebags and I’m swearing off men.
At least, that was my plan until he sat next to me at the bar.
The more time I spend with Rory, the more I like him, but I’m leery.

Seems like all the guys I fall for let me down eventually.

I’m a famous music star, in Ireland at least. But I hate the limelight.
Just for once, I want to be with someone who likes me, just for me.
The moment she flashes that sexy smile at me, I’m hooked on those luscious lips.
And, I’m determined to show her us Irish guys aren’t all bad.

I’m up for the craic, and if she'll let her guard down, I’ll show her I’m different.
That I’m not like the guys who hurt her before. But then, maybe I’m no better?
She has no clue who I am, and the longer I'm with her, the harder it is to tell her the truth.
I know I need to. If she finds out on her own, it’ll break her heart all over again.

And that’s the last thing I want to do.

He warned me to stay away. But, what can you do when you fall for your best friend’s sister?

The moment Rory tells me not to go anywhere near her, I naturally want to.
It’s just a bit of harmless flirting, right?
And when she needs help one night, I can’t resist having a little fun with her.
She thinks I’m a player, but I want to show her there’s more to me than that.
I never thought it would happen, but flirting soon turns to burning desire.

The more time I spend with her, the more I take a long, hard look at myself.
And the harder I’m falling under her captivating spell.
Now, I need to convince her my feelings are real.
And I can’t even begin to think how I’m going to tell my best friend about us.

He’ll kill me, I’m sure.

I had it all planned out. It should have all been so simple.
Go to LA, see my brother, then get back to my quiet life in Ireland.
Love and romance were not in the picture at all, until he picks me up from the airport.
I can’t deny I’m attracted to him, but it’s not happening. No way could we work.

He’s a player when it comes to women. He’s older than me. We live an ocean apart.
And, duh… for the love of Mary, he’s my brother’s best friend.
But when I find myself stranded, he’s the only one I can call.
He’s more than happy to help, but I tell myself not to fall for his charms.

I’m only here for a week, after all.

The hotness continues in the conclusion to 'The Claddagh Trilogy'!

I didn’t expect to be flying back to Ireland so soon.
But when my bestie invites me to Rory’s wedding, I can’t say no.
Just out of a disastrous relationship, it’s a welcome distraction.
Drinking… dancing… a hot as f*ck male stripper at the bridal shower.
What more could a girl want to take her mind off things?

But, I’ve left one embarrassing mess behind in the States.
One I’m dreading going back to when this wedding is over.
For now, I just want to forget about that and have fun.
Maybe he’s a fake cop, but I’ve paid to see him perform…
And when I see the size of his weapon, I don’t want to waste a minute.

I’m just minding my business on a Saturday night.
Then she comes along, like a banshee out of hell.
She looks familiar… but maybe I’m mistaken?
I’m not accustomed to being dragged to a girl’s room.
But, I could get used to it.

No mistake, she’s feckin’ gorgeous, so she is.
Curves in all the right places, and s*xy as hell.
She’s like no woman I’ve ever met before.
Smart, sassy, spontaneous, and a whole lot of fun.
What more could a guy ask for?