Southern Heat Series

Book 1

Fun and exciting…
Dark and deceptive…

Hollywood lures many victims into its lair.

…including Annie, a small town girl with dreams of making it big. She’s naive, soft and about to score the audition of a lifetime—one that will solidify her career—IF she can navigate the director’s couch.

Sex and starlets are what drive men like Vicktor Rossen. He’ll say and do anything to get what he wants. She saw it, experienced it and now she’s out for revenge—and her best friend, who just happens to be his gay personal assistant, knows exactly what to do.

Until a startling phone call shatters everything…

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Book 2

I may be a small town girl,
But anyone can have big dreams, right?

On the verge of a promising Hollywood career, I almost landed the perfect role.
But, the dear Grandpa who raised me, died as I was about to to get the part.
Now, that dream is over.
At least, for now.

I plan to go back. Meanwhile, I’m home in Georgia to take care of his business.
After LA, it’s so quiet staying at his peach ranch and after a scare one night,
my frantic call for help brings the boy next door from her childhood to my front porch.
Military veteran, and now sinfully sexy town sheriff, Tommy Donovan.

I barely recognize him. He’s changed… for the better from what I see.
Handsome, rugged. A real alpha male with a deep voice that sends shivers through me.
But he’s not the only one who wants to reconnect with me on a personal level.
Marti, my best friend from school, is soon providing some welcome female distraction.
In more ways than one.

Now I’m stuck at a crossroads.
My desire for Tommy and my special friendship with Marti.
If he finds out, the consequences will either make us stronger…
Or tear us apart.

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Book 3

Marti’s on the run…
To anywhere but small-town Georgia.

Marti’s fleeing from her past.
Broken-hearted and alone.
She vows to find the life and love she craves.

And when Nick walks into her life, everything changes.
He’s bold, charming, and perilously sexy.
One look at him and a glass of sweet tea later,
She knows her heart is in trouble…big trouble.

However, Nick is scarred from the loss of an old flame.
He’s sworn to never to put his feelings on the line again.
But from the first touch, the chemistry is undeniable.
Will they go their separate ways at the next truck stop?
Or can Marti help him forget his painful past?

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Book 4

Smokin’ Hot Fun In the Deep South!

Marti thought she’d found the man to fulfill her every need…

He’s gorgeous, rich, and says all the right things.
Finally, the happy-ever-after she’s dreamed of.
Until Nick’s longtime assistant turns Marti’s dreams into a nightmare.

He promised to protect her.
She promised to play her part.
Promises neither one of them can keep.

She can’t live in that world, so she runs.
Back to her hometown. Back to her best friend.
Back to her familiar way of life.
Although her heart is broken, her dignity is intact.

Join Marti, Nick, Annie and Tommy in this panty-melting conclusion to the Southern Heat series. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love when it’s Blissmas.

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Complete Collection

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Amanda Heartley’s toe-curling erotic romance series takes you on an exciting ride of lust, betrayal, white-hot passion and love that will wake up your senses and ignite your desire! Enjoy this sinfully sexy read filled with passionate, self-assured men and sassy, confident women… Steamy encounters, fascinating characters, red-hot obsession and wild nights in the Deep South that will set your panties on fire!

The sexiest men… real alpha males
The hottest women… insatiable in their desire
Hot, raw, exciting…
A simple fantasy come true!

Laugh, cry, and fall in love when you experience the pain and ultimate pleasure of Southern Heat. Read individually or get the box set!


“Betrayal was steamy on a whole other level. This book is next level erotic romance and will have you ohh-ing and aww-ing the whole way!”
~Samantha H.

“Very steamy sex scenes. I am certainly interested in seeing how it all ends up working out with these three.”

“Excellent read. Loved the relationship between Marti and Nick. What fun!”
~Jo O.

“Just when you think that this series has its two main ‘love characters’, Amanda goes and mixes it up with a twist!”

“I just finished all the books in this series and have to say how much fun they were to read. All the characters are wonderful. The girls are funny and lovely. The men are yummy. And the sex, terrific.  All those goings on just made the stories zing and once I got started I couldn’t put them down. Great way to spend a relaxing evening at home. Thank you, Ms Heartley, for these fun reads.”
~Kindle Customer