Shameless Submission

Shameless Submission

One hot Dom… One high-paid hooker… Two months of ‘training’.

Michael – I’ve had it all. Major heartache and big-time success.
Now I can get whatever I want, whenever I want. And I want her…

Stella – I’ve had a rough life. The street is all I’ve known.
I’m the best at what I do… and I’ll do most things.
Always in demand, I’m my pimp’s best moneymaker.

One hot alpha Dom. One feisty sub, and the man who wants her back.
Sh*t gets real when organized crime intervenes. Now, she must decide.
Stay with her new master and submit to his lifestyle?
Or rebel and return to her scandalous, yet lucrative life on the street.

Feel Stella’s pleasure and pain in this psychological dark romance as she learns to please the man she calls, ‘Sir’.

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“Hot read…take a broken hooker who is the best in the business to her pimp and a reclusive billionaire who is into BDSM and mix the two coming out the Shameless Submission. Fast-paced and a good story with some unpredictable twists.”
~Marlene D.

“Wow, awesome reading this book of Stella and Michael. So smutty, sexy, yummy, daring to connect to one another. Love the idea of the whole book, how exciting everything came to you as in picture form. This book deserves a rating of 5. I will recommend this book for anyone to read.”

“I enjoyed this book so much I could not stop until I finished it! The BDSM was very HOT and I just loved the way the story was told and flowed through, only making me want to read more about their very different paths that brought them together! 5 Stars PLUS 20 more!”
~Dana M.