Runway Encounter Series

Dirty flirty fun!

Kellan Montclair, sexy male model, was recently fired from his job after a minor scandal. He finds his way to Carla Richmond, owner of a premiere modeling agency in South Beach for a job. But rather than put him on the runway for her newest client, Carla hires him as her personal assistant instead.

Tempers flare, but when Kellan saves Carla’s ass at the last minute, she finds the confidence to put the scandal—and the fact that she’s ten years his senior—behind her.

Once again, Kellan finds his flawless body on the runway—not to mention in Carla’s bedroom!

Runway Encounter is a sexy, flirty romp into the lives of Miami’s most beautiful!

Read individually or checkout the box set!


"I am loving these new characters. Kellan and Carla hit it off right off the bat. Their banter is funny and hot. Super steamy scenes right away which I love. Can't wait to see where they go from here." Noel

"I love Amanda Heartley! Her books are steamy, sexy and short and sweet! I was first sucked in when I discovered her Oceans Apart series and she hasn't disappointed yet." My Guilty Obsession Book Blog

"I enjoyed reading this book from the time I read the first page until I reached the last page. I was left wanting to read more about these two people. This book is very well written." terndeb