Oceans Apart Series

Strong-willed, curvaceous Virginia Petersen, and tattooed billionaire, Tristan Armstrong have to fight hell and high water just to get their hands on each other...literally.

Living in different parts of the world, and battling the distance across the Atlantic Ocean, Ginny and Tristan won’t let anything come between them.

…Despite everything and everyone that tries.

The hot, sexy, Oceans Apart Boxed Set spans the course of Ginny and Tristan’s tumultuous relationship as family, exes, work, and personal obligations threaten to destroy their love and put all that they overcome on the rocks. With an ocean dividing them, will they drift apart or can they conquer the distance—bringing them closer together—forever? Read individually or get the box set!


"If you're looking for a fairy tale then this series is not for you. If on the other hand you're looking for a modern raunchy twist on the classic romance novels of old then this series is definitely a must read. Amanda Heartley has taken two beautiful characters and given them one heck of a twisting, winding, crazy love story. They're oceans apart but can that really stop true love?" Kat L.

"I can relate to their story Ginny and Tristan story. I also met the love of my life overseas. True love works for both and no distance can separate their love for each other. There might be temptations just like a typical relationship. This series is very hot too which I enjoyed reading. There is also some twist which Ms. Heartley loves to tease her readers.

I loved how the author portrayed a typical woman as her main character. I am sure that many women can relate to Ginny. If you love romance with hot scenes plus twist. Oceans Apart series is your perfect book to enjoy reading." Jessica C.

"This was the first series I read by author Amanda Heartly and I can honestly tell you, it's what made me one of her biggest fans. I love all her books, but the Oceans Apart series, is one of my favorites. Once I started, I couldn't put it down until I read them all." June H.

"True love. I love the long distance story about Ginny and Tristan. Ginny a regular gal which most folks can relate to falling in love with a man who lives out of the country. Tristan's relationship with his father, the company takeover and their was struggle in their relationship however; true love won. I read the entire series over a long weekend as I could not put the book down!" Juls W.

"I loved the story and reading as a group made it even better. The characters are down to earth and have a great attitude for taking care of challenges. The love scenes are hot without being too graphic. I wish there was a spinoff with Kari and Mike." Kindle Customer