Irresistible SEAL

Irresistible SEAL Series

Book 1

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Book 2

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Book 3

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Book 4

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Meeting Juliet online was the last thing I expected.
Sure, I’ve thought about life outside the military.
Love. Romance. Maybe a family of my own one day.
But internet dating from Afghanistan ain’t easy.

Joining the Navy SEALs was all I wanted to do.
And it’s been the best twelve years of my life.
But the endless military ops have taken their toll.
On my mind and, thanks to the Taliban, now my body.

Juliet is one beautiful, sweet young woman.
But I have to let her go.
For her sake.


“What a great storyline. So much drama, and steamy, sexy, romantic relationships in this book. This author has done a great job. So HOT! Can’t wait to read more of this author’s books!”
~Patricia K.

“I loved it, it was so normal, almost as if it could happen to anyone with the ups and downs of any relationship. I couldn’t put it down. Thanks for showing us we can have an extraordinary relationship. It’s what you make of it, no matter what the circumstances.”

“Touching. Emotional. Breathtaking. Amazing. The author¬†takes the reader up, through, across, down, and into a whole lot. But in the end, it’s a beautiful love story. Wow!”

“I absolutely love this fast-paced boxed set. I didn’t want to put it down, even to go to sleep. It shows the effects war has on our soldiers and PTSD. It covers the whole spectrum of emotions and I’d highly recommend it to everyone, but especially readers who love military romance as I do.”
~Kim L.