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Fueled Obsession | Amanda Heartley

Fueled Obsession

Fueled Obsession Series

Fueled Obsession 1

A bad boy with a need for speed.
A good girl with a heart of gold.

Together, it’s the ride of a lifetime.

I’ve been beaten and broken all my life.
Thanks to an alcoholic mother from hell.
And the endless ‘dads’ she brought home when I was a kid.
Who cares? No one ever said life is easy.

Now, I’m the best at the only thing I care about.
I’ve been street-racing for money since I was fifteen.
All I need is a little blow and my ‘68 Camaro.
One of the classics, she’s my baby. My everything.

Love—whatever that is—isn’t meant for a man like me.
Until I get busted up, and one sweet nurse fires up my motor.
But, who am I kidding?
To her, I’m just trailer trash from the bad side of town.
She’s rich, beautiful, smart…and so totally out of my league.

I always want what I can’t have, but a guy can dream.

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Fueled Obsession 2

They’re worlds apart…in every way.

So, my asshat father kicked me out on the street.
Jeez. Thanks, Dad.
Has he lost his mind?
Or is this another power play?

At the hospital, Jack is fighting for his life.
Makes me so sad. I wish I could heal the hurt inside, too.
I know he has a good heart. I can feel it.
There’s more to him than his tattooed bad boy persona.

She has wealth and social standing I can only dream of.
But my attraction to her burns inside like a wildfire.
She may just be the woman I need.
But I’m torn.

Torn between what’s right, and the only life I’ve ever known.
If I don’t get my ass in gear and make a move, I know my rival will.
Racing is everything to me.
But she’s the only prize I want.

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Fueled Obsession 3

It’s the race to the finish line.

Seems like my dreams are finally coming true.
All except one.
Mollie has dreams of her own.
A nursing degree, for one thing.

And unlike me, a new boyfriend who does everything right.
Seems I’m destined for a life of disappointment and heartache.
Or can I finally find the love and happiness I’ve never had?

For now, I’m focused on winning the big race.
Redemption Road. Seems appropriate.
My feelings will have to take a back seat.
When it’s over, I’ll be ready for a different race altogether.
The one for Mollie’s heart.

It’s the only one I can’t afford to lose.

Everyone tells me he’s wrong for me.
That I can do better.
But I can’t help it.
My heart is still with bad boy, Jackson.

And every time I look at him, the attraction grows stronger.
I think he feels it, too.
And I have a surprise for him…
One that will change our lives, forever.

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Smokin’ Hot Alpha Male Romance!

He’s got a need for speed.
She’s got a heart for the needy.
Together, it’s the ride of a lifetime.

Bad boy street racer, Jackson Fitzgerald, loves the thrill of the race and the speed of the chase.
But the biggest thrill and challenge of all?
Racing for the heart of one sexy nurse, Mollie Dubois.
When two hearts from different sides of the tracks collide, it’s an obsession fueled by undeniable desire and passion.

Take a ride with Mollie and Jackson in the Fueled Obsession Boxed Set as they conquer their pasts, overcome their differences, and drive their futures into the sunset…
And not without a few bumps and bruises along the way.
With heart-pounding drama and steamy sensuality, Fueled Obsession will become every reader’s next obsession.
Read individually or check out the box set!


“Omg absolutely fell in love with Jack and Mollie. Who would have thought that a poor guy from the wrong side of the tracks had such goals and was so sweet? Can’t wait to see where this story goes. I have enjoyed reading Amanda Heartley’s books she is a great writer that gets you emotionally wrapped up into her stories.”
~Jennifer S.

“I wanted more as soon as I finished this book. The main character is a bad boy with a heart of gold. Almost nothing goes right for him and yet he still cares for and helps others in his own unique way. Not only that, he is hot and talented. Of course, I will read the rest of the books in the series. I want this bad boy to have everything he desires and will enjoy seeing how he manages to achieve it.”
~Maggie F.

“This book had me from the very beginning. I must say this is a MUST for those that love to read these type of love stories. The storyline is an absolute eye-catcher. I did not want to put my Kindle down.”
~Lori P.

“If you want to read a book that keeps you wanting more, then read the Fueled Obsession. You will get hooked with the first book. Amanda Heartley knows what we want when it comes to her writing…more! You will get caught up with the characters and Amanda gives you more of their story with a sprinkling of excitement at every turn. A must read.”

“The Fueled Obsession series is the total package. It is entertaining, erotic, and pulls your heart strings. Ok, let’s be honest I really just want more Jack and Mollie! I was continuing their story in my head for hours after I finished the read. Once again Amanda’s writing is an addicting escape. Love this series!”
~Samantha H.