Dirty Wicked Lust

Dirty Wicked Lust


After too many tours in Afghanistan, I’m back home.
I always thought I’d be a career Marine.
But I’ve seen enough death and war to last a lifetime.

I have a new stepmother…and a new stepsister, too.
But irritation quickly turns to lust.
Now, instead of my night terrors.
I can’t stop dreaming about having her in my bed.

While our parents were away, I tasted her sweet lips.
Now I want more.. much more.
I’m tired of sneaking around like a darn teenager,
But the secrets, the lies, and the scandal could tear the family apart.

Is our dirty, wicked, lust worth it? I hope so.

Dirty Wicked Lust is a full-length, standalone stepbrother romance between a returning military veteran and his new stepsister. A love story of growing attraction and undeniable yearning.

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“Dirty Wicked Lust has every possible thing you want in a stepbrother romance book… secrets, lies, scandal, a filthy-talking Marine, angst, romance, pure unadulterated lust, love, a great story-line, and great characters.”

“First I want to say another book knocked out of the park by Amanda Heartley. Congrats! If you haven’t read the love story between Ryan and Heather, you don’t know what you’re missing. Thank you again for another great book.”
~Arc Reader Tara

“WHEW!! What a fast-paced, intense, steamy read! I loved it when Heather tried to help Ryan work through his demons.  Ryan was sexy but vulnerable (adorable!), and Heather was vulnerable too, hiding behind sarcasm and wit. It’s a case of insta-love for these two sweeties and what a sexy story they make together!”
~Bobo’s Book Bank