Destiny Undone

Destiny Undone Series

Destiny Undone 1

Do opposites really attract?

Some say I’m the most eligible bachelor in Destiny Beach. Maybe I am?
I’m rich, and well-respected, but that’s a lot to live up to in this small town.
And, after my last girlfriend left a bad taste in my mouth, I’m sworn off women.
That is, until an infamous local diva lands an intern job at my marine park.

I’m her boss. Mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea, but she’s hard to resist.
We’re complete opposites. I keep away from the Press, and out of the limelight.
She’s a wild child who always has her face in the paper… for all the wrong reasons.
We could never work.

So, why can’t I get her out of my head?

So, I’m a spoiled rich brat, and I don’t give a f*ck. I just wanna party and have fun!
Though getting my boobs snapped by the paparazzi wasn’t my smartest idea.
Daddy got all upset over my antics and made me take this stinkin’ job at Sea Lab.
Dolphins, fish, smells. Eeww, gross! Though the boss is a welcome distraction.

He’s hot as hell, but I don’t think he’d go for a girl like me. He’s way too reserved for that.
But there’s something about him I’m drawn to. I’d love to show him how fun life can be.

If only he’ll let me.


Destiny Undone 2

I’ve taken all I can from my guyfriend-stealing mother.

I can’t deal with her anymore.
And anyway, I have my eyes on Gabe.
He’s so smart, s*xy and confident.
Then in walks Sophie, an old friend of his.
I’m hatin’, but I’m not about to give up.

Unlike her, I can’t stand the paparazzi.
Looking over my shoulder at every turn.
It’s driving me nuts.
But I’m drawn to her like a moth to a flame.
Should I follow my heart, or leave her in the friend-zone?


Destiny Undone 3

The heat at Destiny Beach is rising!

So, my mom doesn’t approve of Pepper and has my life all mapped out.
But I don’t give a sh*t about that. I’m my own boss, with my own agenda.
She isn’t making it easy, and she’s not the only one trying to mess with my head.
There’s only one thing on my mind, and that’s to be with my girl.

I’ve changed. I can feel it.
I’ve left the life of carefree, attention-seeking wild child behind me.
Finally, I feel like my life has a purpose. In no small way thanks to Gabe.
I’m starting to feel good about my new-found direction.
Then a shock revelation makes my comfortable world less certain.


Hot Fun At Destiny Beach!

Pepper Anderson has a diva reputation—her late-night antics and never-ending attention of the paparazzi always have her as front page news.

Gabriel Gregory… filthy rich and handsome. He stays out of the limelight and the Destiny Beach fame scene is so not his thing. He hates looking over his shoulder at every turn, but he’s drawn to Pepper… like a moth to a flame.

When the two are thrown together, he must decide to follow his heart and go after her or leave her in the friend-zone.

Find out in this complete smokin’ hot billionaire romance with happy ever after!

The complete series includes three novel-length books.


“What a great storyline this book had, so much drama, and steamy sexy romantic relationships in this book. This author has done a great job in writing this book. So HOT! Can’t wait to read more of this author’s books. Please ENJOY!”
~Patricia K.

“The storyline between Pepper and Gabe and the sexual tension is heating up. Couldn’t put it down, loved it. Amanda, you did an amazing job!”
~Amanda A.

“Amanda Heartley did it again! I absolutely love her work! This is what I consider a love triangle with twists and turns but full of spunk. I didn’t know what to expect at times. The storyline does not drag at all. It grabs you from the beginning. Thank you Amanda Heartley for another wonderful book!”
~Lori P.

“Destiny Undone is Fantastic! I just started reading it a few days ago and I couldn’t put it down. I’m team Pepper and Gabe all the way. Amanda Heartley brings these characters to life in a hot passionate way. She leaves you wanting more.”

“I LOVED the cover. My favorite, and my favorite series of Destiny Undone. The series is getting so intense and oohh so good. It’s hard to put it down. I highly recommend it if you love family drama, animals and hotness rolled into one.”
~Jessica C.