Craving Daddy’s Boss

Craving Daddy’s Boss

Seduction never tasted so sweet…

Ok, I’m young, but my world seems to be falling apart already.
Can’t believe I got fired by a mean boss for helping out the needy.
I’ll bounce back, I always do. No small thanks to my dad.
Landing a job at the company he works for sounds perfect.

What a surprise when I arrive on my first day.
The grey-haired CEO I thought I’d be working for?
Turns out he retired and his hot-as-hell son took over.

He’s kinda quiet, business-like, and so reserved.
But he makes my toes curl whenever he glances my way.
We’re at work, and I know it’s wrong.
But I always go after what I want.
And I want him.

With work piling high, I need a new PA…fast.
She’s beautiful, sassy, and smart.
But I’m her boss…and her dad’s, no less.
I shouldn’t even think about going there.
Yet inside, I’m begging for a taste of her forbidden fruit.

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“Griff and Julia are fantastic together. Their story is deeper than the sexy attraction and the obvious outside evidence that they make for a perfect pair. This book touched me personally. The main character meant more to me than just a knight and shining armor, but a revelation that there are still men out there that can be the men they should be, can be and truly have it in them to love the right way.”
~Jo O.

“I love how this book didn’t start off with sex! It started off with good old fashioned life and feelings which to me is wonderful. The characters are beautifully written and the words flow together very well. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end and I couldn’t put it down.”
~Cassandra’s Reviews

“This is an amazing story. It will send you on an emotional roller-coaster, and you won’t want to get off. There are ups and downs and this book will grab hold of you from the first page and not let go even when you read those two words, The End.”
~Jenny Harris