Hey, girls!

The weekend just flew by and I meant to get this out to you yesterday, but I got to working on the cover for the new book I’m writing for the Outlaws Wanted box set I’m in with some amazing authors! I’m excited for when it goes on preorder in October since all the proceeds are going to charity.

Meanwhile, I have a freebie for ya today, yay! Destiny Undone is a series I wrote a while back about Gabe, a billionaire who hates the limelight, and Pepper, a wild child from the small town of Destiny Beach on the Gulf Coast.

She’s always getting herself in trouble and her face in the paper… for all the wrong reasons! Finally, her papa has had enough of her antics and asks a favor of poor, unsuspecting Gabe. Man, do the sparks fly then!

You can get Book 1 FREE until midnight Friday, and Book 2 is only 0.99 for a few days too!



And if you’re in the mood for more free books, check out this Amazing Romance Giveaway! If you haven’t read it yet, I have my Irish Affair romance in there. I think you’ll love Rory and Amelia’s long-distance love story. Just click the image below and fill up your Kindle!



K, have an awesome week and I’ll chitty-chat with you again soon!


Amanda xoxo