Irresistible SEAL Series Collection

This is my first foray into HOT military romance and I've loved every minute of writing it!

I mean, let's be honest girls, who doesn't love the idea of a muscly hunk of a man in uniform! Think 'An Officer and a Gentleman'? Oh yeah!

I won't say much here as you can read all about it on Amazon but the MC is Juliet, a somewhat spoiled brat who can't stand up to her dad. Luke is a hot Navy SEAL dreaming of a world outside the military after 12 years of tours. An unlikely combination and it's not all plain sailing!

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Coming Next

A stepbrother romance

I've had a lot of girls from my FB page and in my street team ask me about this genre of erotic romance so that's what I'm writing now!

I don't have a release date yet but it should be ready around early to mid July so make sure you're signed up to my reader list and go Like my page so you'll be the first to hear about it!

After That...

...let's see!

Well, first, I just want to thank all my yummy readers for your love and support on Facebook and email. Y'all rock!

I have a ton of ideas for future books and there's also been some great suggestions coming in from readers for spin-off's from previous series and I'm truly humbled by that!

I can't promise I'll use them all but some of the most popular are a story of their own for Mike and Kari from Oceans Apart and Mills and Fallon from Destiny Undone. Keep those suggestions coming! I love 'em!


Amanda XOXO