Destiny Undone 5

More Smokin' Hotness at Destiny Beach!

Pepper tries to come to terms with her past and, finally, it looks like she'll accepted into the inner circle of the Gregory family... but unknown to her, there are more storms brewing on the horizon... and they're bigger than ever!

It's not all smooth sailing for Gabe either. Thoughts of his future with Pepper take a back seat when he gets an unexpected heads-up from someone he trusted... and what he learns threatens his whole future as the boss of Sea Lab.

Can Pepper earn the respect of Gabe's mom and convince her of her love for her only son? Is it the end of the line for Gabe at Sea Lab? Can Gabe and Pepper catch a break for five minutes to express their growing love? Find out in this tense, passionate fifth installment of Destiny Undone!

Coming Next

Destiny Undone 6


The series conclusion!

Of course, you know I can't give the plot away to the final book in the Destiny Undone series but I know y'all love a really happy ending... and I'm gonna give you one, promise!

This one's taken me a little longer than I'd originally planned, but I want to make sure it's on the money before I publish and give Pepper and Gabe the best time, with more of the smokin' hotness, yum!

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After That...

...let's see!


Well, first, I just want to thank all my yummy readers for your love and support on Facebook and email. Y'all rock!

I have a ton of ideas for future books but there's also been some great suggestions coming in from readers for spin-off's from previous series and I'm truly humbled by that!

I can't promise I'll use them all but some of the most popular are a story of their own for Mike and Kari from Oceans Apart and also for Mills and Fallon from Destiny Undone.

I've got another series in the pipeline right now after Destiny Undone 6 is finished (ssshhh!). I'll keep you posted on that if you're signed up to my newsletter and keep those suggestions coming! I love 'em!


Amanda XOXO