Fueled Obsession Book 3

Mollie returns from New York to find her cushy life has taken a turn for the worse—and Jackson is locked up for a crime he didn’t commit. Has Daddy gone mad or is this just another power play? Jackson has bigger problems than he thinks. He’s torn between what’s right and what he knows. And if losing his chance at Stockton Racing isn’t bad enough…Dylan,

Fueled Obsession Book 2

After a horrific car accident, Jackson Fitzgerald is left fighting for his life and Mollie DuBois is by his side, determined to heal the hurt. He’s a hard-bodied bad boy, she’s a college girl with a heart for the less fortunate.There worlds couldn’t be more different. He’s been beaten and broken all his life—her family’s wealth can move mountains. With an unquestionable attraction between them,

Fueled Obsession Book 1


When Mollie DuBois loses her mom, her life flips from happy-go-lucky to predictably boring. Contending with an over-protective dad, now she’s grown and her determination to help out the local community takes her to the wrong side of the tracks…and Jackson Fitzgerald. Tattooed, handsome, and asshole extraordinaire.  Jackson Fitzgerald loves sex…drugs…and the smell of high-octane fuel. Living on the edge, damaged, he’s a reckless bad

Oceans Apart For Nook, iTunes, Kobo

Oceans Apart 5

Hello dolls, I’ve got a real big apology to make to all my followers who want Oceans Apart for their Nook, iTunes device, Kobo or other e-reader that doesn’t read a native Kindle file. I was offered a deal by Amazon to put the books on their site exclusively for ninety days in a program called Kindle Unlimited. Mistakenly, I thought anyone could read my

Peek Inside! Oceans Apart Book 5

Oceans Apart 5

Is it the final conclusion? You tell me. But for now, here’s a peek of Oceans Apart Book 5, releasing on October 24, 2014. Enjoy! Chapter 1- Tristan “Fuck,” I mumbled and sank down onto the couch. It had been another long week and I was glad it was finally over. Taking over the company after my father’s death was a shock to my system.

Peek Inside – Oceans Apart Book 4


Here’s a little peek of Oceans Apart Book 4 NOW AVAILABLE at all major retailers!! Barnes and Noble iTunes Amazon Kobo The doctor finally signed Mike off to return to work at Armstrong and I think I was happier about it than he was. Since Ginny had left, we’d talked about a lot of things and of course, his accident was one of them. I

Sneak Peek of Oceans Apart Book 3

Oceans Apart 3

Hello beautiful ladies (and men!) Oceans Apart 3, released on August 26th 2014. Here’s a little sneak peek for y’all! Oceans Apart Book 3 by Amanda Heartley (Moi) As soon as I got to the room, I threw my bags down, pulled out my tablet and logged into the hotel’s wi-fi. I started Skype, hoping to talk to Kari. It was already getting late in

Oceans Apart 2 Out On August 8


Hello smut muffins!! Oceans Apart Book 2! This is getting amazing reviews on Goodreads and it’s not even released yet! Enjoy! XOXO Chapter 1 – Tristan “Oh my God, Tristan, you are so mmm…,” she moaned as I held her hips. “You like that, baby girl?” I thrust my cock inside her again; she felt so wet, so soft. Like velvet. I slid my hands over her

A Sneak Peek of Oceans Apart Book 1

Oceans Apart-1-400

Hello lovely little muffins!! Here it is…a sneak peek of Oceans Apart Book 1! Enjoy! XOXO Chapter 1 — Ginny “Tell me why we’re here again?” I asked, leaning over into my best friend Kari so I could half scream in her ear. I love clubbing, but this one was particularly loud tonight. Partying on the weekends with Kari was one of the things I

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Sexy sale

Sorry, Cinderellas…This one is over, but keep coming back for more info, updates and yummy smut!! Hugs to you all!! XOXO   Happy Holidays Sexy Mamacitas! Hope your Thanksgiving went well and y’all got enough to eat! For my lovelies who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Hope you had an amazing day! To start the holidays right, I’m having a sale on all my books! Audition is