Peek Inside! Oceans Apart Book 5

Oceans Apart 5

Is it the final conclusion? You tell me. But for now, here’s a peek of Oceans Apart Book 5, releasing on October 24, 2014. Enjoy! Chapter 1- Tristan “Fuck,” I mumbled and sank down onto the couch. It had been another long week and I was glad it was finally over. Taking over the company after my father’s death was a shock to my system.

Peek Inside – Oceans Apart Book 4


Here’s a little peek of Oceans Apart Book 4 NOW AVAILABLE at all major retailers!! Barnes and Noble iTunes Amazon Kobo The doctor finally signed Mike off to return to work at Armstrong and I think I was happier about it than he was. Since Ginny had left, we’d talked about a lot of things and of course, his accident was one of them. I

Sneak Peek of Oceans Apart Book 3

Oceans Apart 3

Hello beautiful ladies (and men!) Oceans Apart 3, released on August 26th 2014. Here’s a little sneak peek for y’all! Oceans Apart Book 3 by Amanda Heartley (Moi) As soon as I got to the room, I threw my bags down, pulled out my tablet and logged into the hotel’s wi-fi. I started Skype, hoping to talk to Kari. It was already getting late in

Oceans Apart 2 Out On August 8


Hello smut muffins!! Oceans Apart Book 2! This is getting amazing reviews on Goodreads and it’s not even released yet! Enjoy! XOXO Chapter 1 – Tristan “Oh my God, Tristan, you are so mmm…,” she moaned as I held her hips. “You like that, baby girl?” I thrust my cock inside her again; she felt so wet, so soft. Like velvet. I slid my hands over her

A Sneak Peek of Oceans Apart Book 1

Oceans Apart-1-400

Hello lovely little muffins!! Here it is…a sneak peek of Oceans Apart Book 1! Enjoy! XOXO Chapter 1 — Ginny “Tell me why we’re here again?” I asked, leaning over into my best friend Kari so I could half scream in her ear. I love clubbing, but this one was particularly loud tonight. Partying on the weekends with Kari was one of the things I

First Chapter of Shameless Submission 1!


Hello Princesses, I hope today finds you beautifully breathtaking. Shameless Submission 1 is now LIVE on Amazon! Amazon US Amazon UK Yes, lovelies, it’s finally here! (soon to be on Nook, Kobo and ITunes) Meet Stella Francis. Young, beautiful and alone. She’s been turning tricks and taking care of business since a tragic event that happened on her 18th birthday. Now, coming up on her

Shameless Submission Giveaway

Shameless Submission Giveaway

Hello my beautiful guppies. It’s Spring and I wanna celebrate! Not that we had any kind of winter here in Southern California, and not for tax season, but for the upcoming release of my new book! w00t!! So I talked to headquarters (or so he THINKS…) and he agreed that I could give away the First book in the Submission Series! Yes! Shameless Submission isn’t

Get Some SEXY on Your Christmas List! ON SALE NOW!

Sexy sale

Sorry, Cinderellas…This one is over, but keep coming back for more info, updates and yummy smut!! Hugs to you all!! XOXO   Happy Holidays Sexy Mamacitas! Hope your Thanksgiving went well and y’all got enough to eat! For my lovelies who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, Hope you had an amazing day! To start the holidays right, I’m having a sale on all my books! Audition is

w00t! Amazon Christmas Gift Cards and a Whole Lotta Lovin’!

Christmas Giveaway Card

Holidays are here! And to make your holiday cheery and bright, a few authors and I have partnered up to bring you Santa’s Naughty and Nice Giveaway! This is not just any ole giveaway. We made this giveaway the coolest one ever…we have included Amazon gift cards to help you with your Christmas List!! (or to get those girly things you didn’t get for Christmas!!)

Free First Chapter of Blissmas by Amanda Heartley


First of all… If you aren’t grown, and by grown I mean over 18, then you need to run along. This site is not for you. This site is for adults only. If you are grown… then keep reading! Hello Sexy Angels and fellow S-S-S-Smut Muffins! Blissmas is ready! It’s in its final editing phase and will be published in the next few days!! (or