Destiny Undone 6

The series conclusion!

I know y'all love a really happy ending... and I've given you one, promise!

This one took me a little longer than I'd originally planned, but I wanted to make sure I gave Pepper and Gabe the best time, with more smokin' hotness, yum!

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Coming Next

Destiny Undone Series Box Set


The Complete Series Box Set!

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After That...

...let's see!


Well, first, I just want to thank all my yummy readers for your love and support on Facebook and email. Y'all rock!

I have a ton of ideas for future books but there's also been some great suggestions coming in from readers for spin-off's from previous series and I'm truly humbled by that!

I can't promise I'll use them all but some of the most popular are a story of their own for Mike and Kari from Oceans Apart and also for Mills and Fallon from Destiny Undone.

I've got another series in the pipeline right now after Destiny Undone 6 is finished (ssshhh!). I'll keep you posted on that if you're signed up to my newsletter and keep those suggestions coming! I love 'em!


Amanda XOXO